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  • なぜダイレクト予約ですか?
  • ビーチサイドのオーシャン・レストランで毎日の朝食を提供
  • ハーフボード食事プランの場合、オーシャン・レストランで毎日の夕食と、その他のレストランでのお一人様1泊65 USDのディナークレジットを提供(食事のみ)
  • ご到着時にシャンパン1本とフルーツを部屋にご用意
  • アーリーチェックインとレイトチェックアウト-空き状況に応じて
  • 24時間の専属のアイランド・ホスト・サービス
  • グループのサンライズヨガが無料で参加可能
  • モーターを使わないウォータースポーツが無料で参加可能
  • ご滞在中のシュノーケリング道具が無料で利用可能

Milaidhoo only accommodates children over the age of 9

Milaidhoo Island’s Commitment to Support the International Year of the Reef

Jan 05, 2017 Ocean Stories
Year of the Reef

Did you know that 2018 has been declared as International Year of the Reef (IYOR) by the International Coral Reef Initiative? This adds to the meaningful experience of a holiday at Milaidhoo as we support this international campaign. It was originally launched in 1997 in response to the increasing threats around the world to coral reefs and associated eco-systems.

We are monitoring the entire reef surrounding our island with the aim of recording progress in protecting and growing our reef. We apply safe and environmentally-friendly snorkelling and diving practices to raise awareness about the damage that corals face when they are stepped on or broken.

To help reef restoration we have established a shallow coral plant nursery at Milaidhoo by taking small fragments that have become detached from a healthy coral colony and attaching these to a metal frame. Depending on environmental conditions, these fragments gradually grow and a new coral colony can be formed from them. Coral planting is a non-invasive method for cultivating corals and maintaining the coral population.

As part of our support of the Year of the Reef, we creating a new deep coral nursery near the jetty. When completed this will consist of several horizontal and vertical rope lines attached to the sea floor at a depth of 23 metres. Coral fragments will be hung from these lines at different depths, enabling adjustments to be made to encourage growth depending on temperature, currents, nutrients and sunlight.

Our house reef is home to turtles and colourful tropical fish as well as to thriving coral. Guests are invited to assist in its restoration by joining in our coral replanting programmes. At Milaidhoo guests have the unique opportunity of appreciating the value and beauty of coral reefs as our island is in the Maldives’ UNESCO Underwater Biosphere Reserve, which ensures reef protection throughout the area.

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