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Why travel to Maldives now?

Jul 22, 2020 Stories of a Small Island

Because you need a holiday in a blissful, healthy environment. After staying at home for weeks to keep safe, obeying restrictions on personal freedom and observing rules to avoid the Covid-19 virus, you deserve a holiday away from stress, risk and the rest of the world.

Here are five reasons of why you should travel to the Maldives now:

1. Care and Safety from arrival to departure

Your safe holiday in Maldives starts with arrival. If you are travelling to resorts like Milaidhoo, you will be met at the international airport by the airport representative who will take care of your luggage and escort you by private vehicle to the sea-plane jetty.  You will be invited to use the private lounge exclusive to Milaidhoo guests. To maintain distance and avoid travelling with guests bound for other resorts, Milaidhoo can arrange a private sea plane charter (flight of 35 minutes).  Another safe and relaxing way to arrive at Milaidhoo is by a comfortable cruise of four hours just for you on the island’s private motor yacht.

Why travel to Maldives now

2. One Island, One Resort

The Maldives is a nation of 1,200 small islands and a population of only 520,000 spread over an area of land and sea of 34,740 square miles (about the size of Portugal). There are no hordes of people, guests stay in secluded beachside accommodation with plenty of space and freedom to roam (or swim) and each resort island is exclusive to guests and staff with no strangers permitted. This makes it safe to travel to the Maldives now for a carefree holiday where the crowds don’t go. Milaidhoo for example is a small island of about 13 acres in area with uniquely designed, comfortable accommodation in 30 overwater villas and 20 beach villas secluded in lushly tropical foliage. Every villa is a realm of personal privacy. Only your designated Butler and Room Attendant will visit your villa as required during your stay, so you are protected from unnecessary contacts.

Why travel to Maldives now

3. Great Service and Easy Social Distancing

The Maldives has been welcoming guests on vacation for nearly 50 years, so each visitor is assured of a happy holiday in well-honed comfort, enjoying heartfelt hospitality, international and wholesome island cuisine, and the tranquillity of a blissful island paradise. Although Milaidhoo is small there is plenty of space to observe safe distancing in public areas, as well as on the jetties and walk ways. Every villa has a spacious outdoor living area with extensive gardens as well as private pools in all villas and direct access to the ocean, so you do not need to use a public pool or mix with others on the beach. The three restaurants and two bars have enough space for you to feel comfortable dining at a safe distance from others. Private dining such as diner on the beach just for two can be arranged on request. In-villa room service is available 24-hours a day.

Why travel to Maldives now

4. No Queues and Comfortable Hygiene Measures

Travel now to the Maldives and escape to a tropical island away from cares, to rediscover the joy of life, to restore your vitality, and to experience the wonders of sun-blessed nature. Because of the service concept, many resorts such as Milaidhoo have very few contact points as there is no reception area for Check-in and Check-out since this is done in your villa. Most areas of the island are can be reached comfortably by foot therefore you won’t need to look for a buggy to get around. In addition, some resorts like Milaidhoo Island Maldives do not allow small children on the island which makes it easier to control and implement hygiene measures.

Why travel to Maldives now

5. Witness the Wonder of the Ocean

As well as incredible snorkelling and diving, this is the only time of the year, until mid-October, when you can witness one of the wonders of the ocean, the natural phenomenon of the Manta Gathering Season at Hanifaru bay, just a short boat ride from Milaidhoo. This is the season when small plankton fill the lagoon in Hanifaru Bay, inspiring a mass gathering of mantas on a daily basis in a frenzy of feeding. A rare and amazing experience that you will you remember about your holiday at Milaidhoo long after the virus crisis has passed. Get in touch with the Ocean Stories Team of Milaidhoo to learn more.

Why travel to Maldives now

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