Milaidhoo Travel Guide FAQ – More Info

Our Family

Our team is called ‘the Milaidhoo family’ and not staff because that’s the way we work together. And you, our guest, aren’t guests to us, but storytellers, writing your story of a small island with us. You may only be staying with us briefly, but we hope that Milaidhoo will touch your heart and a little piece of us will live on with you. We hope you’ll feel like you’ve found somewhere you truly belong and maybe would like to call yourself a member of our family too.

Milaidhoo is not just another five star resort in the Maldives: even when we offer the same service as other resorts, the way we do it will be uniquely our way: with passion, in a natural manner and with a genuine intent to deliver a meaningful moment.

At Milaidhoo, we’re reinventing what was lost in time, portraying a re-imagined Maldivian heritage in a luxurious way. We’re all about crafting meaningful experiences that are rooted in our Maldivian heritage so that our guests leave our island feeling not only relaxed, but enriched by these genuine and memorable experiences.