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Is Maldives a good place for honeymoon now?

Aug 30, 2020 A Love Story

Remote tropical islands, beautiful white powder, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and sunsets that will blow your mind are what the Maldives is known for. Is the Maldives a good place for your honeymoon now? Yes! Here are five reasons why you should spend your Honeymoon in the Maldives as the current pandemic crisis passes.

1. Limited tourist arrival

While borders are opening slowly and travel restrictions are being removed, the Maldives has set up precautions to protect and welcome tourists. Many resorts restrict the number of guests allowed in order to ensure the safety and health of all guests. Resorts like Milaidhoo Island Maldives have implemented rigorous hygiene measures to make guests feel safe while being assured of a good holiday. You can have a look at Milaidhoo’s Travel Guide FAQ, which outlines all implemented measures and regulations here.

2. More honeymoon benefits

For decades the Maldives has been known as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Many resorts cater specifically for honeymooners with special offers and complimentary extras. In addition, the beauty of the Maldives creates a romantic setting for memorable experiences. Milaidhoo has enhanced the benefits for honeymooners who book their stay in 2020 and has removed the six-month post wedding honeymoon benefit eligibility until December 2021. Learn more about the enhanced honeymoon benefits at Milaidhoo here.

3. Social Distancing made easy

Naturally, as the number of tourists is limited on the islands, there is more space so maintaining social distancing is easy. However, even under normal circumstances, most resorts have plenty of space for their guests and privacy in the villas. The villas at Milaidhoo are remarkable in providing beautiful outdoor and generous indoor living space. All villas have private pools and direct access to the beach or ocean. An array of dining experiences in three restaurants and two bars offer plenty of culinary options for guests, so you won’t have to dine in a crowded environment. You can even dine exclusively with your feet in the sand at a candlelit table on the beach.

4. Safety and Health Measures come with perks

While the current pandemic makes daily affairs more difficult and is disrupting even simple travel plans, there are a few perks and advantages that come with it too. As the Maldives recently re-opened the border, many resorts offer special discounts and extras, which make great deals possible. Also the rules and regulations in some resorts are beneficial to guests. Milaidhoo for example provides the option for guests to enjoy their breakfast and dinner (depending on booked meal plan) in the privacy of their villa instead of in the restaurants without an additional charge.

5. It’s still the most romantic destination in the world

The Maldives as a destination and many of the country’s resorts have received numerous awards and accolades during the last years, honouring them as the most romantic destination, resort and honeymoon location in the world. Over and over again, travellers, couples and of course honeymooners, have confirmed that the Maldives has a special flair, style and atmosphere. Guests who stay at Milaidhoo experience the serenity and authentic atmosphere of a Maldivian island on another level, complemented with excellent, sincere service, luxury accommodation and wonderful culinary experiences.

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