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Diving in the Maldives

Aug 22, 2020 Marine Biology

The underwater world of the Maldives is famous for its unique diversity and beauty. There are many different dive spots to discover in the Maldives, some are close to the resorts and some are far away and can only be reached by a long boat trip. There are dive spots suitable for beginners as well as ones for those experienced exploring underwater.

Here are a five tips on how to find the perfect resort for your diving trip to the Maldives:

1. Choose the right atoll

It is easy to get around within an atoll to visit different dive spots but travelling from one atoll to another in the open sea will take time. So choose an atoll that is renowned for what you would like to see. If you want to dive with the gentle giants of the ocean, Manta Rays, stay at a resort in the beautiful Baa Atoll which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and protected by strict marine laws. Manta Rays and even Whale Sharks are likely to be spotted in the atoll’s Hanifaru Bay from June to November.

During that time, the Ocean Stories Aquatic Centre Team at Milaidhoo leads daily excursions for divers and snorkellers to known Manta Spots in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve . Guests of Milaidhoo can join a trip and participate in an educational presentation about Hanifaru Bay, Manta Rays and the etiquette to be followed while in the Biosphere Reserve. As well as the spectacular seasonal Manta Ray Reunion, there are plenty of exciting dive spots in the waters surrounding Milaidhoo. Several geographically radical ‘Thilas’, underwater peaks that are hosts to various fish shoals and marine life, are within easy reach from Milaidhoo, enabling divers to observe phenomenal underwater scenery.

  2. Safety first

Choose a resort that has proper certification with safety measures and first aid response available. The Maldives government has made sure the necessary infrastructure is in place to cope with emergencies. There are also Decompression Chambers strategically located for extreme situations.

The Ocean Stories Aquatic Centre at Milaidhoo is a five star PADI certified dive base and follows strict safety and health regulations to ensure their divers are safe. In addition, a resident paramedic is always on call on the island for minor medical matters.

3. Diving Equipment

Most resort and dive bases provide diving equipment which you will be able to rent on a daily basis so you don’t have to bring diving or snorkelling gear. It would be worthwhile to check in advance that the resort has the equipment that suits you and with your size in stock. However, it is recommended to bring your own mask if you have one, as a good fitting mask will definitely make your snorkel and dive experience even better.

4. Take a break

Although it seems there are so many things to explore underwater that you feel you should never go back on shore, choose a resort that keeps you entertained for the hours you will spend on land. Comfortable, spacious accommodation and great dining are essential for a memorable diving holiday trip to the Maldives.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives hosts three restaurants and two bars to meet, with creativity and flexibility, the culinary requirements of guests. The luxurious and secluded villas of the resort are perfect to unwind and enjoy the spectacular sunset. You can also have a relaxing deep tissue massage in your villa to get your body ready for the next dive.

5. Exclusivity or the Group Experience

Most important is to be aware that there are many resorts in the Maldives and not all offer the same care and service for diving. Some resorts will take you out in big groups and go to more crowded areas with their guests. Other resorts will customise their service to your preference and only organise dive trips for small groups.

Diving at Milaidhoo can be tailored to your preference and needs. You can choose to join a small group or customise your own, private dive trip and even select the dive spot you would like to visit with your private guide.

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