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Tales of Eagle Rays

Sep 29, 2021 Milaidhoo Moments

Eagle Rays are regularly seen around our small island, seemingly flying through the translucent water of our lagoon and swimming around our house reef in groups or alone.

Eagle Rays in the Maldives

There are three types of Eagle Rays you can find here: the Spotted, the Ornate, and the Banded ones, distinguishing themselves in colour, size and shape. Some of them can be very shy while others may not mind snorkellers being around. The highest chance of sighting Eagle Rays is during the time of medium to strong currents, most common from August to February.

Eagle Rays at Milaidhoo

Around Milaidhoo, Spotted Eagle Rays are the most frequently seen. In length, they can grow up to 16.4 feet (5 metres) including the tail. You will see them in the sea around our jetty and at most snorkelling points. The ornate Eagle Rays might be harder to spot but are no less majestic.

Eagle Rays live along the open coast in warm waters, although they are often associated with coral reefs and sometimes enter protected bays to feed or mate.

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