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  • Daily breakfast at beachside Ocean Restaurant
  • For Half Board meal plans, daily dinner at the Ocean Restaurant & US$65.00 per person per night dinner credit (food-only) in other restaurants
  • A bottle of champagne and fruits in your villa to greet you on arrival
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • Dedicated island host service 24/7
  • Complimentary group sunrise yoga
  • Selected complimentary non-motorised water sports
  • Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment during your stay
  • Best price guaranteed!

A Traditional Maldivian Feast at Ba’theli by the Reef

May 17, 2021 Milaidhoo Moments

Guests staying at Milaidhoo can experience a true Maldivian feast, inspired by dishes of the Spice Route with authentic island cuisine found only at our unique restaurant, Ba’theli by the Reef.

Embark on a journey back in time by enjoying Malafaaiy, a traditional Maldivian feast. In Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives, Malafaaiy means a feast shared and eaten with family and close friends on special occasions and for celebrations. The feast is served on handcrafted, lacquered wooden dishes, part of the living heritage of the Maldives.

What is Malafaaiy?

The Malafaaiy consists of several small items from savoury to sweet delights, served on a banana leaf in the lacquered dish. Traditionally, Malafaaiy includes a Maldivian Chicken Curry, Papadum, Garudhiya (a clear fish broth), Roshi (Maldivian flat bread), Fiyaa Satani (onion sambal), Valhomas Mashuni (smoked tuna), plain rice with Moringa omelette, fried egg cutlet, Bajiya and Masroshi (Maldivian short eats with tuna).

What is the highlight of the dish?

The main feature of the feast is Kukulhu Riha, the Maldivian Chicken Curry. This is cooked Ba’theli style with local seasonings, island spices and coconut milk, creating a balanced taste and flavour sensation.

The tuna broth, Garudhiya, is a Maldivian staple, eaten with rice or Roshi. It is a broth of freshly cooked tuna with onions, curry leaves, Pandan leaves and chilli. Valhomas Mashuni is the most popular delicacy of Maldivian cuisine. Usually served for breakfast, it is a must have for any Maldivian Malafaaiy. It’s a simple dish made from dried smoked tuna, fresh grated coconut, sliced onions, lime juice and Maldivian chilli, served with Maldivian flat bread.

What is Ba’theli by the Reef?

The Malafaaiy at Milaidhoo is presented in the most incredible setting of three ba’thelis, the wooden boats that sailed the ancient spice route, which appear to be floating by the reef in the Milaidhoo lagoon. Ba’theli by the Reef is the first restaurant in the world that specialises in contemporary Maldivian cuisine featuring gourmet dishes of inspired island cuisine from the Maldivian Spice Route. Guests dine on the ‘deck’ of the restaurant set on a boat in the lagoon underneath starry night skies or indoor in air-conditioned comfort where you can watch the sea-life below through glass floors. Ba’theli restaurant is open for dinner only and Ba’theli Lounge is open from sunset until late, serving contemporary pre- and post-dinner cocktail creations.

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