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What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

Jun 15, 2020 Stories of a Small Island

The Maldives is most people’s dream holiday destination: verdant, tropical islands with soft white sand beaches set in turquoise lagoons teeming with colourful marine life. Coconut palms, tropical fruits, no snakes or dangerous wild life, no crowds, sunshine all day, safe swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving:  the perfect place for a holiday of pure relaxation.  There are over 1,200 islands, of which some 130 are resorts.

Here are a few tips on what to know before you go:

1. Health and Safety

In general, you should be following the suggested health and hygiene guidelines while travelling. Resorts like Milaidhoo have implemented hygiene and safety measures, including during the transfers from the international airport to Milaidhoo by sea plane flight. Everything, including your luggage transfer, is taken care of with maximum hygienic security and efficiency.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

2. Travel light

Sea planes allow 20kg of check-in luggage on flights to and from Milaidhoo so pack light-weight clothing suitable for the tropics. However, even on resort islands like Milaidhoo Island Maldives, nudity (going topless) is against the law. You will only need casual island wear as guests are encouraged at Milaidhoo to come as they are. No dress code applies in the restaurants and bars – it’s called barefoot Informality.  When visiting inhabited islands on an excursion, dress modestly so as not to cause offence to islanders.

3. Bring enough essential medicines

There are pharmacies on the capital island of Male’ but they may not stock what you need, so bring enough if you have to take prescribed medicines every day. There is a paramedic based on Milaidhoo who will be able to help with any minor aches and pains and is also trained in first aid response. It is important to remember that the Maldives is close to the Equator and even when you don’t see the sun, its rays are powerful and can cause sun burn, so you might need a sunhat and sun block.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

4. Bring a camera

You’ll want to photograph the sensational sunsets, beaches and sea views the Maldives are famous for. If you want to take selfies showing your amazing accommodation and the fantastic food with your smart phone to send to friends, you can buy a local SIM card, with Data, at the airport and save on your phone’s roaming charges. If you would like to take photos underwater, the Ocean Stories Aquatic Centre at Milaidhoo rents out underwater cameras and the team will be more than happy to share their tips to get those beautiful, underwater life shots you are aiming for.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

5. Do not bring alcohol

The importation of alcohol (even duty free) into the Maldives is prohibited and any bottles of alcohol will be confiscated by customs. Don’t worry, though! At Milaidhoo there are three bars serving international beers, wines and spirits as well as a minibar and  wine-chiller, both well-stocked, in your villa.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

6. Inform your credit card issuing company.

Payment by credit card is recommended at Milaidhoo so do inform your credit card issuer that you will be using your card in the Maldives.

7. Island life

The pace of life in the Maldives is slow and natural. There are some resort which provide evening entertainment and facilities for families with children. Other resorts like Milaidhoo follow a more peaceful pace with no children below the age of nine years allowed. The island lifestyle is reflected in design and customs, with every visitor treated as an honoured guest, as would have happened in the days of the Sultans. There is occasional musical entertainment at night but tranquillity is the theme of Milaidhoo island life; it’s passionate and genuine.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

8. Swimming, Diving and Spa Treatments

To glimpse the underwater world of fish, turtles, mantas and live corals through SCUBA diving and snorkelling is a must-do experience while in the Maldives. Don’t worry about equipment, even for snorkelling or diving, as the Ocean Stories Team at Milaidhoo can provide everything you need, including instruction. And the overwater Serenity spa at Milaidhoo has sanitized private treatment suites for all therapies.

What to Know Before You Travel to Maldives

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