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Just Breathe – Mindful Breathing at Milaidhoo

Feb 14, 2021 Stories of a Small Island

Milaidhoo has introduced Breathwork workshop, the art of breathing, at the island’s Serenity Spa. The guided breathing sessions are an opportunity to pause, relax and enable you to forget about daily stresses and routine, assisting to revive your mind and senses.

The programme is called “Art of Breathing” and consists of sessions on how to breathe properly and take advantage of the island’s pure fresh air and the balmy sea breeze. Our Yogi guides you through breathing exercises, helping you focus on the most essential reflex humans have: breathing. The resort’s serene environment, breathing the clean, natural tropical air of this tranquil, lush, Maldivian island are of additional benefit to deepen the experience.

The Breathwork sessions help you to learn how to manage natural breathing effectively, to increase and maintain overall wellbeing and creative energy. Your commitment to improving your existing lifestyle this way encourages deep relaxation and brings sustainable benefits in your everyday life.

Breathing is such a simple part of life that people overlook stress – and a less than perfect lifestyle – which can prevent breathing effectively. This can lead to concealed physical and mental complications.

Breathwork, can remove blockages within the body’s energy channels by stimulating the respiratory system and calming a stressed and challenged mind. It also eases thought processes, boosts the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and contributes to overall better health.

The Art of Breathing classes will teach improved breathing techniques and explain the benefits and mechanisms of breathing. During the sessions, you learn how to make breathing techniques part their daily lifestyle. You can book your private session throughout the day or specified morning, afternoon and evening practices.

The morning session focuses on beginning the day full of energy, while the afternoon one helps participants to appreciate the beauty of the day. The evening session calms the mind and body for a deeply restful night.

The Breathwork Sessions take place in the Serenity Spa at Milaidhoo as private sessions or can be arranged in your villa, in the seclusion of an offshore sandbank or on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni cruising the lagoon upon request.

The enhanced breathing techniques learned during your pure-air island retreat can easily be continued at home, and become a reminder of the practical blessings of proper breathing and of the chapter you wrote in your story of a small island.

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