White Spotted Guitar Fish

Jan 04, 2018 Ocean Stories

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to explore the underwater world almost every day. Look what our Assistant Base Leader Marc caught on camera the other day while diving nearby: a White-Spotted Guitarfish.

A guitarfish? Yes, a guitarfish.

Guitarfish belong to the ray family and and are also related to sharks. They can be found in tropical or subtropical waters and they inhabit the open sea or more shallow water near reefs.

Little is known about their biology and ecology.

They can reach a length of up to 2m and they are thought to primarily feed on crabs or other shellfish.

Sadly the white-spotted guitarfish is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red list. Their population is declining because they are being targeted by fisheries in some countries or caught as bycatch.

As they’re a rather shy species, we feel very lucky to have had such a close encounter with two beautiful individuals.

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