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Milaidhoo only accommodates children over the age of 9

Finding Dory

Feb 14, 2017 Ocean Stories

Today, our resident marine biologist “found Dory” during a snorkelling excursion on one of the nearby reefs. And not just one, but six!

Dory – properly known as a blue tang – is a species belonging to the surgeonfish and it’s rather rare to see them in the Maldives. That’s why we’re so excited to have spotted six individuals at once.

Not to be confused with the powder blue surgeonfish – a species often mistaken for ‘Dory’ and commonly found on our reefs – blue tangs can grow up to 30cm and they usually live in pairs or small groups. We’re sad to say that they’re commonly collected for the aquarium trade, but we prefer to see them happy and healthy in the wild inhabiting the reefs around our beautiful island where we can also find ‘Nemo’.

See if you can write your own story of ‘finding Dory’ when you visit us on our small island.

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