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Coffee lover? Fritz Storm visits in January

Jan 01, 2017 Notes from a Chef

If you love coffee as much as we do – and we’re talking good coffee – then we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that next January we’re bringing ex world-champion barista, Fritz Storm to Milaidhoo.

During his stay at Milaidhoo, Fritz will hold coffee tasting classes with our guests, as well as an informal seminar introducing coffee, its history and its culture. He’ll highlight the vital role of the right beans, water and milk in making the perfect cup. Guests can also take barista classes where they’ll learn how to make coffee and try their hand at latte art.

The tastings, classes and seminars are all complimentary to Milaidhoo guests and will take place on the 7th and 8th January 2017.

Fritz Storm’s visit is part of our commitment to offering authentic and meaningful experiences and is the first of many foodie happenings next year.

About Fritz Storm:
Originally from Denmark, Fritz Storm founded his consulting company in 2003 which soon became a globally recognised company in the coffee industry. Before that, Fritz had managed one of Copenhagen’s finest cafés, Café Europa, recognised for its excellent coffee, skillful employees and which won many awards.

In 2002 Fritz Storm became the World Barista Champion which gave him a unique opportunity to travel the world and learn more about coffee production, selection, quality and cultures. He’s been working with coffee-connoisseurs from all over the world through competitions, training events and origin visits ever since. Fritz says “It’s a luxury to be able to be a part of a global coffee-network like this, to share all this passion with fellow people”.

Fritz’ goals are to improve the quality and knowledge of coffee around the world, taking into consideration the local cultures, history and profession; and to give people a coffee experience through better quality and understanding. We look forward to that.

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