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  • Ежедневный завтрак в пляжном ресторане Ocean
  • План питания "полупансион" включает ежедневный ужин в ресторане Ocean и ежедневный кредит 65USD на человека на ужины в других заведениях (только еда)
  • Приветственные шампанское и блюдо с фруктами на вилле
  • Ранний заезд и поздний выезд - в зависимости от наличия
  • Услуги дворецкого 24/7
  • Бесплатный групповой урок йоги на рассвете
  • Бесплатное пользование оборудования для немоторизированных видов спорта на воде
  • Бесплатное пользование оборудования для сноркелинга во время пребывания

Milaidhoo only accommodates children over the age of 9

New Year’s Eve at Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Jan 01, 2017 Milaidhoo Moments

We had a full programme in place to welcome 2017 in style at Milaidhoo Maldives! We began in the afternoon with a Maldivian tea time at Compass Pool Bar.

We then progressed to a lovely “Milaidhoo and Billecart Moments” champagne reception at The Shoreline Grill where we all enjoyed our house champagne – Billecart Salmon – on the beach with the waves and our resident band to serenade us.

The New Year’s Eve gala dinner at Ocean was a sight to behold, with tables loaded with gourmet pleasures from around the world and the team of chefs on hand for live cooking.

Finally, the party moved to Compass Pool Bar for more drinks, fireworks at midnight and dancing barefoot on the sand to our live band, The Kabans, until the early hours of the morning.

On to 2017: while some guests were up bright and early to go snorkelling with our resident marine biologist, we think the ‘recovery from the night before’ drinks menu at Compass this morning will be much appreciated by others!

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