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  • ما هي مزايا الحجز مباشرة؟
  • إفطار يومي في مطعم أوشن بجانب الشاطئ
  • للباقات التي تتضمّن وجبتين رئيسيّتين في اليوم، عشاء يومي في مطعم أوشن ورصيد 65 دورلا أميركي للشخص الواحد للعشاء الواحد (للطعام فقط) في المطاعم الأخرى
  • زجاجة من الشمبانيا وفاكهة في الفيلا الخاصة بك للترحيب بك عند الوصول
  • تسجيل الوصول المبكر وتسجيل المغادرة المتأخر - حسب التوافر
  • خدمة مضيف مخصّص على مدار الساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع
  • جلسة يوغا مجانية عند شروق الشمس
  • الرياضات المائية غير الآلية مجانا
  • استخدام مجاني لمعدّات الغطس أثناء إقامتك

Milaidhoo only accommodates children over the age of 9

Our favourite chapter so far

Dec 06, 2018 Stories by Milaidhoo Guests

This was our fourth trip to the Maldives, and Milaidhoo has set a new standard for future resorts to live up to.

Our Water Villa was amazing, very large in size with an enormous deck and a very large pool. The room definitely has a wow factor in every way.

We were on the Gourmet Plan and food wise we were spoiled for choice and spoiled by the quality. We enjoyed the food at all of the restaurants but the Shoreline Grill was probably our favourite. Desserts were a particular highlight and every one was fantastically presented and the quality matched the presentation. Make sure that you leave space for dessert!

Our final meal was a private dinner on the deck of our water villa. The F&B Manager created a menu from scratch based upon our love of Sri Lankan food and we were served up a feast that was the equal of any meal I have eaten in any restaurant in the world. You could definitely taste the love in the cooking, and it was obvious that the chef loved the chance to show off the cuisine of his home country. We couldn’t have imagined a better end to our trip than that meal.

Most Maldivian resorts offer friendly and attentive staff, but at Milaidhoo we definitely felt that they took things one step further, but without ever being over the top. The whole atmosphere on the island is wonderfully relaxed and friendly.

One of our favourite things about the Maldives is the snorkelling. The Milaidhoo reef was home to more fish than we have ever seen before, and at times we were surrounded by thousands and thousands of fish. We had more than a couple of ‘wow’ moments.

Milaidhoo has a heart and soul that makes it special in our opinion, and when that is combined with the touches of luxury and great food on offer it equals an amazing holiday. Thanks to all of the amazing management, bar staff, waiters, chefs, and other staff that made our trip so special.

We loved continuing our Maldives story on Milaidhoo, and it is definitely our favourite chapter so far!

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