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  • ما هي مزايا الحجز مباشرة؟
  • إفطار يومي في مطعم أوشن بجانب الشاطئ
  • للباقات التي تتضمّن وجبتين رئيسيّتين في اليوم، عشاء يومي في مطعم أوشن ورصيد 65 دورلا أميركي للشخص الواحد للعشاء الواحد (للطعام فقط) في المطاعم الأخرى
  • زجاجة من الشمبانيا وفاكهة في الفيلا الخاصة بك للترحيب بك عند الوصول
  • تسجيل الوصول المبكر وتسجيل المغادرة المتأخر - حسب التوافر
  • خدمة مضيف مخصّص على مدار الساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع
  • جلسة يوغا مجانية عند شروق الشمس
  • الرياضات المائية غير الآلية مجانا
  • استخدام مجاني لمعدّات الغطس أثناء إقامتك

Milaidhoo only accommodates children over the age of 9

Milaidhoo – an authentic Maldivian island full of stars and warm hearted details

Jan 08, 2019 Stories by Milaidhoo Guests

The stars on this island are called Shuhan, Kat, Jellica, Kumar, Ahmed, Sabi, Fabio and many more…

They take your wishes and make them come true. Kat, one of the souls of the island, pulls all requests from the guest to one planet. A planet called happiness. She has lots of wonderful helpers: Jellica the singing beauty from the Philippines, Kumar the enlightend Hatha Yoga teacher who just arrived from an Ashram in India, Ahmed ‘Seabass’ the star chef from the Maldives, Sabi the queen of magic hands at Serenity Spa.

And Fabio the diving and snorkelling instructor, who could be called a human dolphin. These stars make the island so special and give one the feeling that you want to stop the time. Because it it`s just amazing – this small island.

Resorts in The Maldives don`t always represent what someone would expect of the Maldives. Not so on Milaidhoo. The Maldivian owner supported by the general manager Shuhan had one goal and achieved it: Milaidhoo should become an authentic Maldivian paradise and the “Vitamin Sea” of the Indian Ocean. A place where you see, feel, hear and taste the Maldives at its best. Luxury? Yes, but where the lines in between still matter and you are able to feel the heart beat. Of Milaidhoo!

Our stories of the small island: Goosebumps on arriving Snorkelling with dolphins The swinging chair under the stars of the sky The romantic feeling of the pool with its millions of tiny stars Watching stingrays swimming around Ba’theli at dinner time.

We loved it the most! Thank YOU! Anke und Sabine

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