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The Story of Milaidhoo

Apr 30, 2020 Stories of a Small Island
Let us tell you a little bit more about the story of our small island.

Let us tell you a little bit more about the story of our small island.

The island of Milaidhoo first became popular with tourists decades ago when it was a picnic island. Safari boats bringing divers to Baa Atoll used to anchor off Milaidhoo’s shore for guests to visit the island for a picnic or barbecue.

Lush and uninhabited, unspoiled and undiscovered, Milaidhoo was the secret castaway island with white, sandy beaches set in a lagoon teeming with fish and ringed with a flourishing reef. The island inspired us to create a resort that embraces Maldivian history and culture while preserving the natural beauty and marine life. We created Maldivian style villas, added restaurants that honour the Maldivian heritage, custom made and made for the comfort of our guests.

With so much that is artificial in the modern world, Milaidhoo represents the real, natural world as it might have been in the days of the sultans. Local materials were used in construction, the décor is of pale grained wood; villas are spacious with palm thatched roofs and wide, open vistas for a free flow of air.

The custom-made furnishings and unique designs are Maldivian-inspired, made by craftsmen specifically for the resort. Milaidhoo captures the culture, the spirit and the heritage of the Maldives combined with contemporary concepts and comforts of the modern age.

Milaidhoo is about island living and barefoot informality while embracing nature and returning to the genuine heartfelt hospitality of traditional Maldives. The island is in an unparalleled setting at the threshold of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Marine Sanctuary. A coral reef, which completely encircles Milaidhoo, is a protected area making it an outstanding snorkelling and diving site.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives is island inspired by our love of life and nature, where guests feel like they belong and enjoy meaningful experiences. We invite you to immerse yourself into your story of a small island, to recover from the present by planning a holiday that embraces the charm and style of the past with reinvented luxury.

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